Aly Abel

Aly Abel

Senior UX researcher

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A research process. So simple and yet...

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Aly has been a strategy-lead researcher for 11 years and has built up a portfolio of experience as a Director, across industries incl. Healthcare, Finance, Travel and now Greeting cards. She has published numerous papers and articles with a big focus on User Testing methods; how to ask the right question, in the right way. Her big Research philosophy is to understand everything and nothing; in her own words.... “Our job as researchers is to never feel like an expert in our game. We should never stop listening and learning. Most importantly, we should approach every project with child-like curiosity; “What don’t we yet understand about people?” “What’s the next big thing that’s going to transform customer experience?” Having a degree in Marketing and Languages has given her a deep understanding of people, culture and communication. An actor in her spare time, she’s not shy about the stage.

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