Not your usual virtual event ⚡️

5 days. 5 talks a day. 5-min each.
A whole lot of ecommerce, optimization, & UX value—for FREE.

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Picture your typical virtual event nightmare: 

You take an hour out of your schedule to learn something new, get an extra edge at work, perhaps even solve an issue your team has had for weeks... 

And then you find yourself sitting through some fluff, a bit of self-promotion, not-so-useful Q&As, and maybe (when you’re lucky)
 5-10 minutes of actionable ideas and juicy insight.

We’ve all been there.

So we decided to do something different. 

What is a lightning talk? ⚡️

Twice a year, during our Hotjar company meetups, we host a ‘Lightning Learnings’ session where anyone from the team can share a lesson they've learned.

The caveat? Each speaker can only use 5 slides and has a maximum of 5 minutes.

We love this session because it’s super-practical and actionable. It forces us to really distill our thoughts and the lessons we want to share. There is even a countdown clock to make sure we don’t go over time.

So we asked ourselves: what if we applied this concept to an online event open to anyone?

And here we are! 

This event is for you if you:

⚡️ Believe what's best for users is best for business

⚡️ Hate attending long webinars or online summits without walking away with actionable tips

⚡️ Work for or with businesses selling online (ecommerce, DTC brands)

⚡️ Are a UX/UI designer, Digital Marketer, Product Manager, User Researcher, Analyst, Project Manager...

⚡️ Can spare ~1hour/day in the week of June 8-12

Got questions? We have answers! ⚡️

⚡️ When do the Lightning Learnings take place? 
The event runs online between June 8 and 12. 
Each day, sessions begin at 9am PDT/12pm Eastern/5pm GMT+1.

⚡️ Is it really free? 
Yep—100% free. Join us! 

⚡️Do I have to attend all of the sessions?   
No, you are free to choose which session(s) to attend.
Remember: there will be 5 sessions per day, 5 minutes each, one after the other—that's ~25 minutes a day. 

⚡️Will the sessions be recorded?   
Yes: all sessions will be recorded and made available at the end of the week—so if you miss some of them, you can watch them later whenever works for you. 

⚡️Who is this event for? 
We believe you'll get value out of this event if you work for or with businesses selling online (ecommerce, DTC brands), particularly in roles such as UX/UI designer, Digital Marketer, Product Manager, User Researcher, Analyst, Project Manager.